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Top 10 Food Automation and Manufacturing Emerging Companies - 2021

While the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was felt across every sector, it has been quite a significant one for the food industry. Particularly, the effect of the pandemic in terms of how the industry has been producing and handling foods has been one of the crucial ones.

The social distancing norm and periodic lockdowns saw the food industry largely rely on technology to stay abreast of the crisis. From automation tools to cloud technology, every bit of the latest innovation has found its specific application within food production cycles. For instance, meat processors have already started to expedite their plans to incorporate more automation and robotics to elevate food safety as the pandemic ravages their workforce. Similarly, many companies have started to look at wastewater to catch foodborne pathogens such as salmonella or E. coli. And as the calendar turns and we enter a new year, these trends will continue to take more prominent shape while many new ones come into the picture.

In 2021, transparency throughout the supply chain will dominate as the top trend of the year. New packaging technologies such as invisible barcodes are expected to cater to these rising demands in the coming months. Besides, innovations like digital expiration date labels that offer real-time monitoring of food quality are already debuting to spotlight emerging smart packaging trends. In addition to smart packaging, food producers are also increasingly using blockchain to track products from farm to table, including coffee and turkeys. Blockchain can help if there is a recall and can provide better traceability.

At this juncture, many cutting-edge food automation and manufacturing solutions and service providers are entering the domain with advanced and integrated offerings. To help the food industry strengthen its operational capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, Food and Beverages Tech Review has compiled a list of the top food automation solutions and services providing companies. The list comprises prominent organizations in the industry that address issues by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Food and Beverages Tech Review’s, “Top 10 Food Automation and Manufacturing Emerging Companies – 2021.”

    Top Food Automation and Manufacturing Emerging Companies

  • CSC Leasing maintains a successful 35-year track record working with organizations of all sizes and stages, providing a low-cost, non-dilutive form of capital for procuring equipment

  • HAF Equipment manufactures and develops the most advanced dry powder process equipment and systems for the food, dairy, chemical, and functional foods industries. The company acts as a one-stop-shop offering custom-designed equipment, both mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems. Their leading product line comprises a range of industrial equipments that are designed ergonomic-friendly with a specific focus on the operator who will use it for the long term. The products render reliability through quick changeovers according to the requirement of the operations. The company’s tagline “tool-free quick take apart” only highlights their focus on making it effortless for operators to clean the equipment by taking them apart quickly and easily. HAF’s innovative products have shown significant enhancement in the operator experience

  • Arr-Tech


    Arr-Tech has been involved in the tortilla industry for over 25 years, with the first 16 of those years gaining experience and knowledge on how to best automate counting, stacking and packaging tortillas at their El Ranchito Tortilla Factory. This knowledge and experience has led to the research and development of fully functional automation solutions that are now a reality. They have also now branched out their machine lines to include, yet not limit ourselves to, the flatbread and pizza crust industries

  • Carter Control Systems

    Carter Control Systems

    Carter Intralogistics delivers warehouse automation products and solutions to industries such as E-commerce, food and beverage, wine and spirits, and third-party logistics. Intralogistics is not just part of their name — it’s built into the foundation of their company. They provide expertise in a full range of automation solutions from order fulfillment and robotics, to software controls and MDR conveyor systems. Also, they take pride in manufacturing our line of MDR conveyor, CarterRoll™, in one of the three U.S. based facilities

  • GTI Industries

    GTI Industries

    GTI serves the food and beverage, industrial, and pharmaceutical markets. In addition to its core industrial packaging offering, the company provides a portfolio of complementary packaging products, including packaging equipment, janitorial supplies, food packaging supplies, and material handling supplies. GTI Industries has spent decades building a reputation of excellence in the packing and automation industry

  • MPBS Industries

    MPBS Industries

    MPBS Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of equipment and supplies for food processors and food packagers. Since 1938 MPBS Industries has been a manufacturer and distributor of equipment and supplies for food processors and food packagers in the United States and around the globe. Some of our products are dicers, slicers, bandsaw, grinders, mixers, dumpers, buggies, tub trucks, carts, pouches, knives, and many others

  • Pacproinc


    Pacproinc is a market leader in automated packaging technologies for customers in the protein and bakery segments. Specifically, their interleaving, underleaving, stacking, and card dispensing systems allow customers to automate production, increase throughput and efficiency, reduce downtime and production costs, enhance product quality and presentation while improving food and employee safety

  • Precision Food Innovations

    Precision Food Innovations

    Precision Food Innovations (PFI) is a global, employee-owned company specializing in a wide range of conveying, bulk material handling and food processing equipment. PFI has the ability to customize equipment to integrate into existing systems.PFI offers a wide array of conveying solutions with time-tested and proven technology with belt, vibratory, horizontal motion and bucket conveyors. Platforms, product dumpers and other supporting equipment round out their range of products giving them the ability to integrate your conveying systems

  • Project Services Group

    Project Services Group

    Project Services Group, Inc. is a systems integration engineering firm specializing in the Food and Beverage industry. They continue to grow their In-House manufacturing capabilities, which allow PSG to control product and bring cost effective solutions to their customers. PSG manufactures material handling, conveying, processing and packaging equipment. Manufacturing operation will take project from initial concept, through design, manufacturing, total integration with other components and turnkey installation

  • Sapphire Inspection

    Sapphire Inspection

    Sapphire Inspection Systems is the newest designer and manufacturer of end-of-line inspection systems for the Food and Pharmaceutical sectors. The design and manufacture Xray inspection systems and distribute Metal Detectors and Check Weighers. The company has more than fifty man-years experience in this field and provides services including installation, training and service contracts

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