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Top 10 Food Automation and Manufacturing Companies – 2021

While the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was felt across every sector, it has been quite a significant one for the food industry. Particularly, the effect of the pandemic in terms of how the industry has been producing and handling foods has been one of the crucial ones.

The social distancing norm and periodic lockdowns saw the food industry largely rely on technology to stay abreast of the crisis. From automation tools to cloud technology, every bit of the latest innovation has found its specific application within food production cycles. For instance, meat processors have already started to expedite their plans to incorporate more automation and robotics to elevate food safety as the pandemic ravages their workforce. Similarly, many companies have started to look at wastewater to catch foodborne pathogens such as salmonella or E. coli. And as the calendar turns and we enter a new year, these trends will continue to take more prominent shape while many new ones come into the picture.

In 2021, transparency throughout the supply chain will dominate as the top trend of the year. New packaging technologies such as invisible barcodes are expected to cater to these rising demands in the coming months. Besides, innovations like digital expiration date labels that offer real-time monitoring of food quality are already debuting to spotlight emerging smart packaging trends. In addition to smart packaging, food producers are also increasingly using blockchain to track products from farm to table, including coffee and turkeys. Blockchain can help if there is a recall and can provide better traceability.

At this juncture, many cutting-edge food automation and manufacturing solutions and service providers are entering the domain with advanced and integrated offerings. To help the food industry strengthen its operational capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, Food and Beverages Tech Review has compiled a list of the top food automation solutions and services providing companies. The list comprises prominent organizations in the industry that address issues by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Food and Beverages Tech Review’s, “Top 10 Food Automation and Manufacturing Service Companies – 2021.”

    Top Food Automation and Manufacturing Companies

  • Rockwell Automation is a global leader in industrial automation dedicated to automation and information to make its customers more productive and the world more sustainable

  • Taylor Company offers a wide range of products from frozen drink machines to commercial grills and soft-serve ice cream machines. With a Taylor soft serve or frozen beverage machine, food and beverage outlets can serve high-margin, up to the minute products like frozen yogurt, smoothies, and frozen cocktails with a consistent quality at each and every draw. Taylor’s outstanding line of commercial grills offers the latest technologies while maximizing productivity and ensuring safety. Besides, the organization’s unique distribution system comprising 146 distributors across 119 countries is an underpinning factor for their all-encompassing presence across food and beverages industry

  • WyCo offers installation, maintenance, repair, and problem-solving services for material handling applications across all sectors. The company's solutions encompass the entire spectrum of material handling with state-of-the-art installation, maintenance, repair, and problem-solving services for a host of sectors. WyCo provides advanced material handling solutions for fast-moving cargo and conveyor systems along with DHS and TSA security-approved equipment. Their systems representing over 22 manufacturers, span over jet bridges, airport baggage, air cargo, express parcel, distribution, food, among others. WyCo offers turnkey solutions. The company not only sells the equipment but installs it and offers repair and preventative maintenance contracts and undertakes any type of emergency repairs that might happen during the lifecycle of the equipment

  • Barry-Wehmiller


    BW Flexible Systems is a global manufacturer of packaging systems that fill and bag thousands of food and non-food products. Their packaging systems are designed and manufactured to maximize the efficiency and lifetime value of their customers’ packaging lines. The company offers a range of machinery includes form fill seal, feeding, bag filling and sealing, pouch-making equipment, flow wrap, reclosable packaging solutions, palletizing, stretch wrapping and more



    For over 120 years Kobo has been one of the world’s leading engineered class chain and sprocket manufacturers. They design anything from innovative standard chains to custom solutions for the Automotive, Bulk Material Handling, Escalator, Wood & Biomass and many other industries. Their consistency in customer service, German product quality and safety is what sets them apart and helped to grow their company to the second biggest chain manufacturer worldwide

  • MicroThermics


    Microtheramics is the manufacturer of small-scale pasteurizers, UHT/HTST sterilizers and aseptic processors. The company is committed to helping its clients reduce product development and/or production expenses, increase efficiencies, and also reduce their time to market with new products. Its processors are easy to use, and their durability minimizes downtime as well as keeps operational costs low. Microtheramics specializes in the scale-up & scale down of UHT, HTST, and Aseptic processes. Its thermal process simulation technology, methods, and designs easily and accurately simulate the whole production process

  • OSIsoft


    OSIsoft manufactures application software for real-time data infrastructure solutions. It provides the PI System, the industry-standard in enterprise infrastructure, for management of real-time data and events. With installations in 107 countries across the globe, the OSIsoft PI System is utilized in manufacturing, energy, facilities, utilities, data centers, life sciences, and the process industries. This global installed base depends on the OSIsoft PI System to safeguard data and deliver enterprise-wide visibility into operational, manufacturing, and business data. The PI System allows users to manage assets, mitigate risks, comply with regulations, drive innovation, improve processes, make business decisions in real-time as well as to identify competitive business and market opportunities

  • TDI Packsys

    TDI Packsys

    TDI Packsys delivers industry leading solutions for inspection systems, packaging automation and contract packaging/inspection systems services. They make solutions for each application to provide the absolute best product and performance. Their inspection systems are industry leading performance for many applications, including: X-ray Insoection for bone, glass, stones, rubber and a wide variety of low density contaminants. Color-sorter inspection for bulk flow products and many others

  • Weber Maschinenbau

    Weber Maschinenbau

    From weight-accurate slicing to the precise infeeding and packaging of sausage, meat and cheese: Weber Maschinenbau is one of the leading system providers for cold cuts and one of the most important partners for the food processing industry. The portfolio is versatile and offers perfect solutions for all requirements and application areas. Round about 1,450 employees at 22 locations in 18 nations are employed at Weber Maschinenbau today and it is their commitment and passion that contributes to the overall success of the Weber Group every day

  • Wire Belt

    Wire Belt

    Wire Belt Company provides many styles and specifications of conveyor belts to your specific application and also improve your process efficiencies. The company provides conveyor belts for industries such as Textiles, Printing, Electronics, Food Processing, Agriculture, Automotive, and more. Its top-notch customer service and global presence means, the company can provide fast and simple distribution around the world. The company’s area of specialization includes metal conveyor belt, conveyor belting, and conveyors

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